• Shopify Training

      If you'd like to learn how to setup your online store on the Shopify platform so that its professional and generates leads for your business, our Shopify training workshops will help you do this.​


      Shopify Training Workshops

      This training is delivered as a series of interactive workshop style sessions. The primary aim of the workshops are to guide you through the entire process of setting up a Shopify site, from conception to go-live. We offer the workshops to groups or individuals. 

      With Shopify Training Workshops you can:

      • Avoid the 14 day Shopify trial period
      • Get help choosing a Shopify theme that suits your business
      • Work on your actual site during the training

      Receive additional one-on-one support afterwards at a reduced hourly rate


      Do you need some help with particular areas in Shopify but want to learn how to do it yourself? We offer customised training to help you with specific areas of your shopify site.​

      Customised Shopify Training

      If you have an existing Shopify site and would like help to learn how to use particular areas. 

      With Customised Shopify Training you can:

      • Get training that focuses only on that area your need help on
      • Receive training on site or over teamviewer and phone
      • Have individual or group training
      • Learn how to customise and setup a premium Shopify theme